Beach Cricket

This year Beach Sports Festival is on Saturday, 2nd July 2016 from 12 to 7 pm at Bettystown-Laytown Beaches.

Ireland ODI Series

Welcome to UNITAS a non profit, volunteer based organisation setup by Indian Diaspora in Ireland to promote Integration through Arts, Sports and Culture. UNITAS is an open platform to facilitate and promote integration activities to strengthen relationship between diverse Indian communities with other communities in Ireland. Our UNITAS platform is central hub for reaching out to all Indian communities in Ireland through series of exciting and inspiring Sports, Ats & Cultural events.

All UNITAS activities are carried out by dedicated volunteers without whom Unitas would not have been successful. Core team are united volunteers from various parts of India in Ireland with different background and skills. UNITAS platform provides a fantastic network for volunteers, artists, culture lovers, sports lovers and like minded people to connect.